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why /tech and not just any tech

turning your data dead ends into success stories
network server and eathernet

Networkingthe marketplace of your data

Keeping your interconnected parts running fast and efficiently, Modems, Routers, Hubs, Switches and cables, they will all be at peak performance when we are done.

laptop tablet computer cell phone

Wireless Solutionsno more cable mess

Communicating with your data over the air adds a great deal of convenience to any operation and enables our faster more mobile world.

motherboard and power supply

PC Supportressurecting your workstation

Your primary PC is the very heart of your productive life, our goal is to keep that critical terminal online and running smoothly.

"Stop hoping your network is healthy, call /TECH and know for sure"

Our Team

The bright minds shedding a light on your Technological woes
Patrick Brainard

Patrick Brainard

Tech Prime
Saving PCs from problems and users from perplexity for decades.
Jacob Brainard

Jacob Brainard

Field Tech
A helpful set of hands and a head full of solutions.
Jeremy Brainard

Jeremy Brainard

Networking Consultant
A specialist in networking hardware and software.
Jordan Brainard

Jordan Brainard

Customer Support
Coordinating efforts, projects and activity.

"There are no problems too big."


Some possible issues we are ready to resolve.

Computer Repair

Keeping all of your various PCs up and running both hardware and software issues.

Hardware Installation

Hard drives, monitors, memory, mother boards etc.

Software Installation/Setup

From operating systems to apps to critical patches.

Virus Removal

Purging your computer of unwanted malicious code.

Hard drive Clean-up

Keeping your computer clean from bloat and unneeded assets and unwanted apps.

Network Setup

From rewiring to adding terminals to a complete overhaul of interconnection.

Internet Service Assistance

Making sure your connection to the web is fast and reliable.

Wireless Troubleshooting

Ensuring mobile devices and portable computers can all communicate seamlessly.

Mobile Device Assistance

When your most imporant devices fit into your pocket.

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